Rome: Trevi Fountain and more

Hello all,
It is time to share the rest of the photos which were taken in Rome. 💛
But first of all, I want to share something which is pretty exciting. I guess you all know what is Trevi Fountain, but how many of you know the real meaning of it? What? About love? I believed the same! Keep reading! 😀

Hundred years ago when there were wars ongoing, soldiers were searching for some water and were asking people if there was any. One day, a soldier who was about to die of being dryness saw a lovable girl and asked her for some water. That girl showed a place and told him to dig for some water. He did not believe but he wanted to try. After a while, he was able to find some water. And the name of the fountain is Trevi Fountain. If you look carefully enough, you will be able to see the soldiers above the fountain. This is the most believed story about Trevi Fountain. Isn’t it interesting?

Trevi Fountain is the largest fountain in Rome, and the most famous one in the world, with no doubts! To make a wish, coins need to be thrown using the right hand over the left shoulder! But the meaning of it is wishing to come to Rome again, not love!

Enjoy the magic in photos. 💛

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